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About our organization:
The aim of Project: Transitions is to provide support and assistance for transgender people living in the state of Washington.

The general principle of Project: Transitions is based on the idea of "surgery benefit parties." We plan to hold frequent fundraising events and grant all of the profits (after operating costs) to transgender individuals to help fund such things as surgery, hormones, doctor visits, legal charges, and other things related to transition. As we grow, we plan on having support/social group meetings and other events as best serve the needs of the community.

We are located in Olympia, WA.

About our clothing for sale:
All of the clothing we have for sale have been donated to us by community supporters and the West Olympia Torrid.

Our purpose in selling these items is two-fold. First, to provide affordable clothing for transgender people who are in need of wardrobe makeovers. And second, to raise funds for our organization. With this in mind, we ask that you pay shipping costs for any item you want plus a donation of any amount that you can afford. If you honestly can't afford anything more than just shipping, don't sweat it, we'll send it to you anyway. But if you can afford to make a $5 or $10 (or more!) donation in addition to shipping, please do so. It will all go right back into our organization to help fund trans people's transitions. And hey, a $10 pair of jeans is still a steal!

Payment:We currently do not have a PayPal account set up, so we cannot accept credit or debit cards. We do accept check, money order, or concealed cash. We'll email you an address after you comment requesting an item.

We were going to figure out a standard shipping cost, but items vary in weight and size too much. If you want to know -exactly- how much shipping is going to cost, you can ask and we'll weigh it. Otherwise, just make sure you've sent enough to cover it and we can count any extra as your donation.

Shopping tip: Check out our tags for shopping ease!

About Torrid sizes: Some of the products are Torrid sizes 0-4. Know that these are not the same as sizes 0-4 at other stores! Visit the Torrid site here for a sizing chart.

Donating clothes: If you have new or decent condition used clothing that you would like to donate to us, leave us a comment and we will email you an address where you can send them. Or, if you're local, we'll arrange a time to meet. We do have 501(c)(3) status, so all donations are tax deductable. Cash donations are also always appreciated!

Note: Some of the items are new and some are used. Some have damages. Every effort has been made to note any significant damages. But nothing is beyond salvation - be creative!

Another note: If you live in or near Olympia, WA you can come pick up the items you want and skip the shipping. :)

No LiveJournal account? Don't have a LiveJournal account? No worries, just send an email to: Clothing @ ProjectTransitionsWA . com Be sure to include the item number(s)...they are on little sticky notes in every photo.