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Women's Pants  
07:39pm 15/09/2008

brown dress pants, Levi’s Action Slacks,W 33 L 32, good condition but small hole on back

Corduroy HS Chinos, ash brown, W 34, L 30

Black Corduroy, Z Cavaricci, size 18

Black Corduroy, Freestyle, size 20
large hole in seat, broken belt loop

White dress pants, Whitestag, size 12A

Dark blue dress pants, Requirements, size 8 short, some fraying at waistband

Dark brown dress pants, Briggs New York Petite, size 12P

Black dress pants, Torrid, size 16 R

Black dress pants, Ann Taylor, size 4, good condition

Green khaki, knee length cargo pants, Anna, size 12P

Black dress pants, James New York, size 12

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08:42am 17/02/2013 (UTC)
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