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Women's Shirts - Young(er) Styles  
06:22pm 14/09/2008

Beige t-shirt, Papaya, size medium

Black and pint print velvety top, Torrid, size 1

Black halter top, Torrid, size 0

Black floral shirt with lacy sleeves, Edista, size medium

White and black polka dot, short sleeve shirt, ink stains, Torrid, No size indicated
Note: These look like stains from an ink-filled security device exploding. They probably won't wash out, so only buy if you have a creative use in mind. Or, bring inked clothes into style!

Black dress top, Torrid, size 3

Cat print tank top, Torrid, size 4

White short sleeve lace top, Torrid, size 1

Green print tank top, Torrid, size 2, broken clasp on necklace part.
(Again, we easily got the clasp to work anyway)

Lavender long sleeve dress top, size medium. ROMY

Peach sleeveless dress top, size large?

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